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Published by Icy Sedgwick on June 25, 2016 ★ Featured

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Witch bottles have been used since the 1600s to protect homes and individuals from evil spells. Are they relevant in 2016, or are they just a folk tale?

Published by Icy Sedgwick on October 20, 2016

How to make easy witch bottles to protect your home!

Witch bottles date to at least the 1600s in both England and the US. Despite the name, witches did not make the bottles. Rather, ordinary people made them to repel a witch’s power. If you thought a witch had cast a spell against you, then you’d create one of these to counteract it. In this post…

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The Hand of Glory granted robbers the power to enter a house undetected while its inhabitants slept. But was there actually any truth in the stories?

Published by Icy Sedgwick on October 17, 2016

Did the Hand of Glory really work or is it a myth?

The Hand of Glory is a peculiar artefact. It appears in the folk tales of northern England, and examples even exist in museums around the country. Given the fact we looked at candles in folklore last Thursday, I decided the Hand of Glory would make a fabulous addition to my Halloween blog bonanza! This was not simply a folk tale, they…

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Candles might be used for everything from home decor to aromatherapy, but how can you use them to get wishes and protect your home?

Published by Icy Sedgwick on October 13, 2016

How can candles protect your home and grant your wish?

Candles are a common item around the modern home. Burned to create an atmosphere, release pleasant smells or to cope with power cuts, they’re also common throughout folklore. Today we’re going to explore their use within rituals, how you can repel evil spirits with candles, and what superstitions feature these ancient household items! Bear in mind…

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Death photography, or post-mortem photography, is one of the Victorian era's weirder exports. Is it as creepy as it looks, or is it more poignant than that?

Published by Icy Sedgwick on October 10, 2016

Is Victorian death photography creepy or just sad?

After I talked about spirit photography last week, Sarah Brentyn asked if I’d be writing about death photography too. As she asked so nicely, I couldn’t resist! Plus it fits in well with my Halloween Festival of Spookiness that is running throughout this month. So come, let me lead you through the bizarre, creepy, and often…

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Yew trees are often the oldest trees found in ancient churchyards. But what do they represent, and how do they appear in British folklore?

Published by Icy Sedgwick on October 6, 2016

Churches, death and resurrection: The Yew in Folklore

Yew (taxus baccata) is a very poisonous tree, appearing in both English legend and folklore. Source of the wood for our famous longbows, it also stands guard over churchyards and sacred sites. But is its deathly reputation entirely deserved? Or has it earned its place in our national folklore? Historical Connections The toxicity of the trees…

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Spirit photography was a huge craze in the 19th century. But is there any possibility it might yield real results, or is it all just one giant con?

Published by Icy Sedgwick on October 3, 2016

Is spirit photography even possible or is it just fraud?

Welcome to the first in my month-long festival of all things spooky in honour of Halloween! We’re looking at spirit photography, that bizarre Victorian brainchild that predates Photoshop shenanigans by a good century and a half. Is it really all just a huge con, or is there any chance that spirit photography might actually capture the supernatural?…

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Riddles and wordplay appear in a lot of folklore. But what's the fascination with words, spells, charms and riddles in these oral stories?

Published by Icy Sedgwick on September 29, 2016

Why are riddles and wordplay so important to folklore?

Riddles and wordplay feature strongly in a lot of the English folklore I’ve read. So I’ve handed over the reins of my blog to Charlotte Bond, who’ll explain the fascination with riddles, and just why they appear so often in folklore! Riddles in folklore I’ve been fascinated by riddles and word games in stories ever since…

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Writing can be a lonely endeavour, and it's important to get out of the house and away from your laptop. Will 52 Dates for Writers help you to do that?

Published by Icy Sedgwick on September 26, 2016

Have you ever taken yourself on writing dates?

Since August 23rd, you might have noticed more writing posts from me. 12, to be exact. All of them have been inspired by Claire Wingfield’s 52 Dates for Writers. 52 Dates for Writers The book is arranged into 52 activities that writers can do to enhance their writing. After all, writing is a curious endeavour,…

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Meditation doesn't just mean sitting thinking about nothing. It can be beneficial to your health, as well as your writing. Click here to find out how meditation can help improve your storytelling!

Published by Icy Sedgwick on September 25, 2016

Can meditation really improve your storytelling?

Meditation just involves sitting on the floor, searching for nirvana…doesn’t it? Well no. There are many different types of meditation, depending on what you want to get out of them. But in this post I’m only going to focus on two, both of which I think can help you improve not only your storytelling, but…

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Do you feel like your writing is missing something? Try stopping to feed the ducks to see how taking a pause can improve your fiction!

Published by Icy Sedgwick on September 22, 2016

3 Reasons Why Writers Should Stop To Feed the Ducks

Writers by their very nature are often solitary, and often very ‘indoorsy’. Unless they make the effort to do so, it probably never crosses their mind to feed the ducks in their local park. It’s a great shame, because an incredibly simple act can actually have 3 benefits for their storytelling. This post is inspired…

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