In this short story, a highwayman poses the age old dilemma. Your money....or your life!

Published by Icy Sedgwick on September 9, 2016

Your Money or Your Life: A Free Story

I crouch in the bushes at the side of the road with only a dead body at my feet for company. I nudge the corpse with the toe of my stolen boots. It rolls into the ditch behind me, hitting the frost-frozen earth with a hollow thump. Good riddance, if you ask me. The full moon gazes…

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british museum station ghost

Published by Icy Sedgwick on June 3, 2016

Free Fiction: Ghost Train

The train lurches out of the Tottenham Court Road station and rattles east. Elsa flicks from her Kindle app to the clock – another ten minutes and she’ll be at Liverpool Street. Plenty of time to catch the train to Stansted before her flight to Naples. The train slows, and rumbles to a stop. Elsa…

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Published by Icy Sedgwick on March 18, 2016

The Dolls – Friday Flash

Lily arrived by accident one day, a dark haired doll among a box of blonde angels, and Mrs McGarry had never quite known what to do with her. For a time, Lily had shared a shelf with them, and late at night after the shop was closed, she’d tried talking to the other dolls. They…

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Published by Icy Sedgwick on February 19, 2016

The Bounty – A Grey O’Donnell Story

This is a Grey O’Donnell story, telling the tale of how he became a bounty hunter in the first place! My momma always told me that sometimes you just have to treat yourself to a little slice of luxury. I told myself that as I sat on the veranda of the general store, where a travelling barber…

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Published by Icy Sedgwick on December 18, 2015

Christmas Ghost Story in the West – Flash Fiction

There can’t be many things more welcoming than a roaring fire in the middle of winter. Snow lay heaped in piles outside, but we warmed ourselves in front of the small parlour’s hearth. A grandfather clock in the corner ticked away the minutes, and dull chatter floated through from the main bar of the saloon…

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Published by Icy Sedgwick on December 11, 2015

The Priest Hole – Friday Flash

Pete threw down the EMF meter in disgust. The needle lay at the neutral end of the scale. Six hours of staring at it, and the damn thing refused to move. He hoped he could find the receipt when he got home. Pete made another circuit of the room. His objects remained where he’d planted…

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ghost town

Published by Icy Sedgwick on December 4, 2015

Ghost Town – Free Flash

Up until Google came along, Pocklebridge didn’t appear on any maps. We took down the signs during the war to confuse the Germans and we never put them back up, so our station remained anonymous, tucked away on a side spur that trains rarely use. We don’t have many amenities so road signs only appear…

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Published by Icy Sedgwick on November 27, 2015

Along the Old Corpse Road

Tanya sits on a low wall at the bottom of her garden, and she’s already swigging from a bottle by the time I reach her. She’s picked the label off so I’ve no idea what it is but it’s pink and smells like floor cleaner. She hands it to me before I’ve even sat down….

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Just how important are numbers?

Published by Icy Sedgwick on November 20, 2015

Numbers – Friday Flash

Elijah sat on the platform at Ealing Common, a cheap ballpoint in one hand and a small wirebound notebook in the other. Every day, he’d turn to a fresh page in time to see new equations appear, and he’d steal fragments of time throughout the day until the equations were solved. Though he’d never tell…

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William and Mary are getting ready for Halloween - but the best part of trick-or-treating is always the surprise they have in store for those they meet!

Published by Icy Sedgwick on October 30, 2015

#FridayFlash – Halloween Surprise

“Are you ready, honey?” “Almost.” William adjusted his tie and smoothed down his hair with one hand. He grimaced at the oily feel of the gel Mary insisted he use. His wife made her way down the stairs and the top step creaked. A halo of tight black curls surrounded her pale face, and a…

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