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Who are the 3 sad phantoms of Chillingham Castle?

Chillingham Castle stands in Northumberland, some 14 miles north of Alnwick. It dates back to the tumultuous days of the 12th century.

Even Edward I, Hammer of the Scots, stayed here on his journey north in 1298.

The castle boasts a dungeon beneath the north eastern tower. A rack, an iron maiden and various other implements lie awaiting the unsuspecting visitor.

But what castle with a dungeon could avoid having ghosts and legends attached to its name?

Chillingham Castle boasts many tales of phantoms and spirits, but who are the Blue Boy, the Grey Lady, and the Lady in White? Come and meet them...

The Blue Boy of Chillingham Castle

Perhaps Chillingham Castle’s best known phantom is the Blue Boy – despite the fact he disappeared in the 1920s.

According to legend, the Blue Boy made his appearances at the strike of midnight in one of the rooms not open to the public.

Chillingham Castle boasts many tales of phantoms and spirits, but who are the Blue Boy, the Grey Lady, and the Lady in White? Come and meet them...

The Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The tales locate the story in the so-called Pink Room.

The reports claim the sounds of a child in pain accompanied his appearances. The noises always came from the wall.

The cries died away and a bright light would form near the bed. This halo gave him his alternative name, the Radiant Boy.

Some guests at the castle described seeing a young boy dressed in blue. The witnesses placed his clothes as dating to the 1660s.

In the 1920s, workmen cut a passage into the tower rooms on the other side. They unearthed the bones of a young boy in the wall. Fragments of blue fabric lay beside the skeleton.

The remains were buried in the Church. The Blue Boy seems to have disappeared…although some report seeing a blue flashing halo in the small hours.

Witnesses have seen the flashing from the courtyard and nearly always attribute it to faulty lights – though Sir Humphrey is quick to point out no wiring runs through that part of the wall.

Chillingham Castle boasts many tales of phantoms and spirits, but who are the Blue Boy, the Grey Lady, and the Lady in White? Come and meet them...

Chillingham looks so peaceful! © Icy Sedgwick

The Grey Lady

Continuing the tradition of ghosts with colourful names is the Grey Lady. Lady Mary Berkeley’s husband, Lord Grey of Wark and Chillingham, abandoned her for her sister, Henrietta.

Chillingham Castle boasts many tales of phantoms and spirits, but who are the Blue Boy, the Grey Lady, and the Lady in White? Come and meet them...

Lady Mary Berkeley. By Elysium 73 at English Wikipedia (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Lord Grey seemed to make desertion a habit. He also deserted the Duke of Monmouth, despite the fact he’d backed him in an attempt to wrest the crown from James II!

Lord Grey actually stood trial in 1682 for seducing Henrietta.

Lady Mary died in 1719. Perhaps her only triumph was outliving her feckless husband. He died in 1701, and her faithless sister died in 1710.

Still, after being abandoned, Lady Mary remained in the castle with their baby daughter. Legends tell of the silky rustle of her dress in the corridors.

The tales all point out that she had only her daughter for company in the castle. Did Lady Mary have to run the household herself?

Most stories describe Lady Mary wandering the halls in search of her husband. Witnesses who hear the rustling also tell of an unearthly chill as she passes.

Some of the stories mention a female ghost leaving a painting and walking around the castle. The authors seem to think this may be the Grey Lady herself.

The Lady in White

The castle also report a figure in white in the pantry. One tale dates to the time when the room held the family silver. A footman slept in the room as a security measure.

One night, a woman in white appeared inside the room and begged him for water. He turned away to fetch some because she seemed so wretched. It was only then that he realised the door was locked.

If he hadn’t opened the door, then how had she gotten inside?

When he turned back, she’d disappeared. I have no idea what the footman did next but I’m guessing he didn’t get much sleep.

According to the legend, she still begs for water. No one knows who she is, but some suspect she was poisoned.

That’s not all…

The castle have other ghosts beyond these three colourful figures.

The voices of two men sometimes erupt in the chapel. No one can follow their conversation because they stop talking if anyone listens too hard.

Others claim to have seen phantom monks in the grounds, or sense malevolent presences.

It’s hardly surprising, given the blood-soaked history of the place!

Though is it really haunted? Ghost Hunters International weren’t so sure. You can watch their investigation here.

Whether it’s haunted or not, Chillingham Castle is well worth a visit. It’s a fascinating ‘work in progress’ as the owners restore it to its former glory.

A dolls’ house in their museum inspired my short story, Left, which you can find in my free short story collection, Checkmate: Tales of Speculation Fiction, available here.

Chillingham Castle is open from 3 April 2017 until October from 12pm until 5pm. But you can also stay there in their self catering accommodation!

Who knows which ghosts you might see?

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